what makes us different?

Our mission

Plan B comes from the idea of responding to an increasingly evolved technical market, to provide a service of a high quality standard to applicants and customers. We have been working with major international clients for decades, providing them with expert technicians of all levels and creating important job challenges. We do much more than find your next job, because the candidate who is looking for new opportunities is also researching the position in which he could be more satisfied, motivated to grow professionally and humanly, in a stimulating professional environment. We are not just looking for an occupation, we find the way to allow your aptitudes and personal ability to come out, reaching the right position for you: this is our vision, it’s an important and strategic detail in the recruitment process within the Plan B.

Action strategy

We constantly do marketing research to understand the dynamics of the job market, its evolutions and trends, to be a step forward in the knowledge of the best job openings available at any time. Our experiences also, allow us to possess in-depth technical knowledge to solve all kinds of criticalities. We focus our business in technic al fields, such as:


Oil & gas




Renewable energies




Plant engineering





This strategic choice comes from the fact that we are aware of our expertise in highly technical fields where we can express all our know-how, in favor of candidates and customers.

Recruitment Process

The path must be beaten together to choose the best way, so you can, at any time, ask for our support or clarification on job positions to which you apply. Our staff are all specialized in research and selection of specific professional figures, coming from technical sectors and recruitment agencies, so they can provide accurate and detailed information from the first step of the recruitment process to the engagement. We take our time to listen to your previous job experiences, analyze together strengths and weaknesses points, understand your career aspirations, to introduce yourself in the right company, for the specific task that best suits your skills. We manage the whole process in a transparent and effective way and we constantly update you in the different phases. We need punctual information about your skills to make them appreciate our customers and we usually use online tools, like Skype, to collect these data and get to know each other, we like to conduct face-to-face talks to get in tune with people. We also can suggest you how to improve your CV and how to prepare yourself for a technical interview. Your CV will be placed in our database, shared between the offices of Croatia and Italy to allow all the staff to manage the vacancies correctly. You can receive Italian and international career opportunities, so if interested in positions abroad send us a CV resume in English.

Support and Services

We deal with all logistics and contractual details, so you can always count and trust on our support. In addition, our administration manages all the documentary parts and we can always guarantee timeliness and accuracy. Our staff provides the necessary technical support, monitoring the different activities and supervising all the operations, and shares our best practice with you. Finally, our conviction is that everyone deserves feedback on their work, so as you will receive it, do the same with us, to improve our service always.

Contact us and keep in touch!

We create long-term relationships because our services and support do not end, we continue to collaborate and provide professional advice during your career, so share your success stories and let’s stay in touch!