Why do we make the difference?

Plan B Agency comes from the idea of offering targeted services to companies involved in technical fields, which need to optimize time and resources to find the right people and achieve their goals. Our company structure is dynamic and made up of highly specialized personnel coming from specific sectors such as: Oil & Gas Industry, Plant engineering, Information Technology, Human Resources multinational company, etc. Our strength consists in about twenty years’ experience gained on many on site projects in Italy and around the world that allows us to fully understand the particular needs of customers who operate in our own technical field.

Plan B focus its business in specific areas, such as:


Oil & gas




Renewable energies


Plant engineering





Our mission turns to a specialized market that requires customized solutions. This strategic choice comes from the fact that we are aware of our expertise in specific industrial sectors, where we can express all our know-how, in favor of customers and candidates.

Our experience allows us to make a big difference compared to other generic players: we know how to provide correct solutions and highly trained staff, to commute a project into the realization of a success.

Our specialization in technical contexts strengthens our skills day by day, analyzing and optimizing the results always, to reach the goal together.

Talent Acquisition: Technical Recruitment & Staffing

Our recruiters can promptly meet the different needs of customers in the recruitment service of specialized technical personnel at national and international level. We provide the necessary support to manage the entire selection process of highly qualified profiles correctly, starting from the analysis of the description of the professional figure and its characteristics, up to the conduct of an in-depth online technical interview. We are experts in recognizing the right talents and attracting them through specific communication and publication campaigns using institutional channels and social networks. Our recruiters guarantee the respect of high professional standards.

In addition, our database is made up of thousands of multilingual different expert profiles:

International Technicians available for worldwide travel
International Engineers experts in the management and optimization of processes and resources
International Project Managers, with strong qualities skills and a high level of competence and knowledge to manage plants and yards in Italy and abroad

Resources Management

We provide our services in a competent and attentive way to satisfy the needs and timing of our customers, supporting them with our best practices in management of resources involved, guaranteeing the full success. Our experience in managing people and projects throughout the world, has allowed us in the years to create an international network, in favor of which we can count on important technical talents, who can respond perfectly to your every need.

Plan B knows perfectly the dynamics that underlie the process of recruitment and staff administration: time and resources are devoted to this activity and taken away from the core business of a company. Plan B can manage these tasks in a precise and timely manner, offering an efficient and transparent service. In fact, our personnel receive the necessary support on administrative issues and our client can continue to deal with his business, relying on the operation of our technicians.


Our relationship never ends, we follow with perseverance all the steps to enter a new business environment, verify the different needs of the customer and offer customize services and resources that really meet your needs. Plan B expertise grows every day with new international projects that allow us to measure ourselves with markets that are always different and demanding.

We believe that specific knowledge is fundamental in the development of every project and we support our customers, offering them business assistance in optimizing performance through counseling and coaching activities, helping to improve the operating streams. Our specialization makes us different: we create important dealings based on trust to have at your side a capable and reliable partner; our commitment to consolidating relationships with customers and candidates makes us a partner ready to govern every situation and to become an excellent mediator between supply and demand.